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From #WLEGroup, we offer a transparent and personalized service to each one of our clients and families, this is why it is really important to us that all of our clients understand the process that they are involved in. We work through the process with our families in order for them to understand what their best American university fit is.

If you practice any sport in a competitive way and you are interested in receiving an athletic scholarship, you have more information about how this process work in the “Athletic Scholarship” part that you can find below (the athletic scholarships and academic scholarships are not exclusive, so if your academic profile is good, you will be able to combine both scholarships, but always following the athletic scholarship process).

On the contrary, if you don’t practice any sport in a competitive way, but you are a great student and you would like to start or continue your studies in the United States, you can fnid more information about this process in the “Academic Scholarhips” part thatyou can find bellow.

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