Our values


Commitment, experience, empathy and passion

For the young student and athletes that want to continue their studies without letting their passion behind, the sport.

#WLEGROUP was born from the idea and the necessity of creating a business to give an alternative to the students and student-athletes that want to continue with their university studies without having to quit playing the sport they love. Our team has been part of the American college system and competed as student-athletes, this is why we know that this international experience changes lives and that it is a top-notch opportunity for young students to have.

Our mission and our goals are to inform about this opportunity, so every student can be aware of it and be able to receive athletic, academic and international scholarships that the American universities offer.  

Becas deportivas en EEUU WLE Group

We know the importance of the future on the young students

We know how important the future is for someone young, and that at ages like 16-18, any change or decision is really important for their lives. This is why we are committed to find the best possible option for the students, with the best academic and athletic levels, and in a great location, adjusting each profile to their references. We know that each family has their own needs and priorities, this is why we believe in a personalized and focused process for each family.

Our team has worked with hundreds of families and knows perfectly what steps we need to follow. We talk from our own experiences, in a transparent way and with total honesty, so we can work as a team and take the best decisions through the whole process.

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