Scholarships in American Universities

Obtain an Athletic, academic and/or international scholarship and get a college degree while combining studies and competitive sport.

Compromise, experience, empathy and passion.

#WLEgroup emerges from the idea and need to create a company which offers young students and athletes worldwide an alternative to continue with their university careers whithout leaving their beloved sport and competition apart. After having experienced the American college experience first-hand as student-athletes, we firmly believe this unparalleled opportunity did indeed change our lives completely and therefore, could also be a very interesting opportunity for most young students.
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How do we help you?

Free evaluation of the student-athlete

Evaluation of the student-athlete´s profile and a completely free orientation of the various scenarios which may be achievable if the intention to continue with the process is agreed.

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Evaluación gratuita del estudiante
Preparación del perfil académico

Preparation of the Academic/Athletic profile

Information gathering and creation of the profile with all the academic and athletic information where videos, oficial transcripts, etc. will be included

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Contact with universities and coaches

Your academic and athletic information will be shared with American coaches in a direct and personalized way

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Contacto con universidades
Admisión en la Universidad

Admission to the University

We will personally guide you through each and every one of the steps and we will be in direct contact with the Admissions department of the university

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